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East Coast: The French-speaking accounting firm Gamma CPA is in full fundraising

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Rachel Brunet - Le Petit Journal

In collaboration with Robert Caron CPA. CFA., Gamma CPA is the first of the group's French-speaking accounting firms in the United States. Based virtually in New York, Washington DC and Florida, the firm — a subsidiary of Gamma Canada — offers accounting and tax services to professional and private clients. The strengths of Gamma CPA: a French and English firm that caters to individuals and small businesses. To support its growth, and at a time when many chartered accountants are retiring, the firm is in full fundraising.

Gamma CPA raises funds

If Gamma CPA is of Quebec origin, it is in the United States that the young company intends to develop. For this, Jean-Philippe Bélisle , co-founder of the firm, joined the American Newchip program for a period of six months. “  We don't have much in Canada when it comes to accelerators,  ” explains Jean-Philippe Bélisle. The purpose of this program is to prepare for meeting with investors, "  one of the qualifications for joining Newchip is to seek investors and they keep the opportunity to become investors themselves  ", explains the co-founder of Gamma CPA. " We work on the business plan, the pitch deck, the SWOT, the Porter exercise, etc. The latter a program that I did not know, developed by Harvard University, where you learn to manage all the problems on all fronts  ”. Like an airline captain. The first project is to raise $250,000, followed by a second raise, between one and five million, within five years. The objective of this fundraiser? Open a physical office in New York, another in Washington and Miami, cities where the firm already supports its French-speaking clientele via a virtual office. Despite teleworking and the habit taken during the health crisis of being content with virtual meetings, "  the demand from customers to meet us in the office is strong explains Jean-Philippe Bélisle. And to add, “  we must have the trust of our customers and this also and above all happens through meetings  ”. The co-founder of Gamma poses another postulate, "  we are in a demographic era where many CPAs are retiring, the fundraising will also be used to acquire clients, there are a lot of opportunities, especially since the pandemic has forced some CPAs to retire earlier than expected.  Another cleverly calculated perspective to expand the already existing and growing clientele of the Gamma firm.

Supporting clients with between 1 and 25 employees

The virtual office is open, with accreditation, for New York, Washington DC and Florida with a French-speaking clientele. From a small business that has just opened to one with a turnover of 5 million dollars, Gamma CPA supports clients who generally have between 1 and 25 employees. But also beyond. Bookkeeping, tax obligations, declarations, reports, certification of figures, audit... The Gamma CPA team comes to support small structures for precise support and rich in great experience. “Tailor-made” is undoubtedly what best defines Gamma CPA. " Each client of our bookkeeping service is paired with a person responsible for their file. If the client wishes to partially produce his own accounts, we offer him assistance in finalizing the accounts for a given period  ” he explains. Gamma Canada Inc. and its subsidiaries have more than 1,200 customers, all supported by a team of professionals and partners. The firm serves a clientele consisting mainly of business leaders, business leaders, retirees, private clients and professionals. " We help improve our clients' accounting and taxation by saving them time and providing them with reliable information, and we are committed to automating their accounting in today's era with technological solutions  ”.And Jean-Philippe Bélisle concludes "  Newchip is a program, but it does not prevent outside investors from participating in fundraising  ".

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